Multi Match

Essentially a mini tournament between two teams with options to play doubles or a mix of doubles/singles.

What is Multi Match?

Multi Match is a tournament where one team plays against another team. Teams can consist of 2 to 4 players. Each team will play a series of games against another team. A tiebreaker is available if necessary. The best team moves on in the bracket.

Currently Multi Match is only available on Single and Double Elimination Bracket Formats.

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Organizer Setup

Player Scoring

How to set up a multi match tournament

Setting up your courts for a multi match format

One of the keys to this format is to have two teams play on multiple courts. You will want to label your courts in a manner that explains to the players where they should go. Our suggestion is to use the court title feature to name your courts. You will have to disable Warm Up Timers for this to work. Here is an example with each match being on 2 courts.

In this scenario, if you are using tablets to score. You would make BOTH tablets for courts 1 and 2 court A.

VERY IMPORTANT: Scoring method must be set to Players Choice (Can be set either with Remote Mode or Admin-Manage Courts or Edit-Advanced section)

How to create teams for multi match

Teams can be up to 4 players per team. If one of your multi match games is a doubles format then you must have at least 2 players per team.

Learn more on ways to add players here: Learn more

Creating the Multi Match format

Step 1: Go to Create Bracket and then click create bracket

Step 2: Select the type of Multi Match Format you would like each team to play

**When setting up your multi match DO NOT use "deciding game" as an option. leave it set to "tiebreaker"

Step 3: Assign the point value for each type of game. You can make a doubles match count more than a singles or vice versa. If the match score is tied for both teams at the end there will be a tiebreaker to win the match.

Step 4: Create your bracket

Scoring a multi match game

It is HIGHLY suggested that you have Score Tablets or use Player Scoring for your tournament scoring method. Honestly I prefer the player scoring method the best for multi match.

Players can get to the courts and have two options. They can either set all the players into the games that they will be playing before they start playing. OR the players can go game by game to start playing.

When one team has won the match you can SUBMIT ALL MATCHES. Note: you can continue playing the final games if players would like to complete the entire match. The system will make the button available as soon as it is not possible for one team to catch another.

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