Search for a Tournament

Traveling the country looking for places to play your favorite sport? Check out the Find a Tournament tab and go win!

Any Tournament that is 6 hours in the past and all the way into the future will show up in the upcoming tab.

Search for a tournament

Tournament Map

  1. Click on the Map

  2. Click on a pin, if there are multiple events at the location there will be a number on the pin.

  3. See the event, and click on it if you need more details or want to pre-register

Tournament Listing

Click on any tournament to expand its details.

  1. Club Name, and where to add the club to your favorites.

  2. Share the Tournament

  3. Scoreboard, Remote Mode, & Kiosk Mode

  4. Tournament Information: Name - Club - Date and Time - Location.

  5. Need Directions, click on this and it will use the phone's default map program.

  6. Tournament Details: Tournament pre-registration parameters.

  7. Follow Tab: Follow any player or team in the tournament and receive notifications.

  8. Dashboard: Check out all the actions of the tournament.

  9. Register Button: Register - Unregister for the event.

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