Live Streaming

Scoreholio provides a widget that makes it easy to display the score of any game as part of any OBS-based livestream, such that the score is automatically in the feed as players themselves update the score. Note that you DO need to know how to set up a livestream with OBS software to take advantage of this feature.
Here are a couple examples of people covering one, two and even three courts with live streams and scoring widgets

Create Widget in Tournament Play

To create the widget, go to the Playoffs tab and click the “Stream Widget” button with the appropriate court selected.
That will bring up a browser tab with a URL and preview of the widget, like this. Simply copy that URL and paste it into your OBS software.

Create Widget using Free Play

Click on the Purple "Free Play" tab on the app. Then click the "Share" button
Click the "Share" Button again and click "Share Stream Widget Link" to get the URL needed for OBS

Video Tutorial OBS

Scoreholio Live Streaming.mp4

Video Tutorial iOS