Live Streaming

Scoreholio provides a widget that makes it easy to display the score of any game as part of any OBS-based livestream, such that the score is automatically in the feed as players themselves update the score. Note that you DO need to know how to set up a livestream with OBS software to take advantage of this feature.

USE WIDGET SIZE: 1920 x 1080

Widgets to choose from

Full Functioning Widget Border

If you choose to use our Full boarder Scoreholio will automatically add your club logo and rotate your sponsor logos on the top right hand corner.

Scoremagic Widgets and Border

If you select a widget that adds the ability to display scoremagic stats Scoreholio will start to add those stats after the second round is complete.

  1. Go to your tournament admin

  2. Click on either the Round Robin tab or the Bracket tab

  3. Use the drop down to select your court

  4. Click on the orange "Display" Drop down

  5. Click "Stream Widget

  1. Use the drop down to select the widget you would like to use

  2. Click the "Copy Link" button to copy your link.

  3. Use this link to paste in OBS as a "Browser" source

Adding a widget to OBS

SCOREHOLIO DOES NOT support OBS and is in no way affiliated with ANY streaming services. Please contact the company directly with any support issues. Scoreholio ONLY supplies the url for the widget.

Create Widget using Free Play

Click on the Purple "Free Play" tab on the app. Then click the "Share" button

Click the "Share" Button again and click "Share Stream Widget Link" to get the URL needed for OBS

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