Fixing a Score Error

Have a team submit the wrong score or submit the wrong team winning? Easy Peasy fix, just check it out below.

As long as a game is reset on a bracket or swapped on a round robin before the players play their next game the system will update the SPR impact. If the error is caught after the players next games have been played they will need to request a correction to remove the game from their profile.

Reset a Match in a Bracket

  1. Login to admin

  2. Click on the Bracket tab or the 3 lines on the top left and then Bracket

  3. Click on the bracket piece that is incorrect

  4. Click Reset Match

  5. Click on Bracket piece again and enter correct score and submit button

Swapping a Score in Round Robin

  1. Login into admin

  2. Click on Stats and Logs

  3. Click on the incorrect game

  4. Click Swap Scores

Change a submitted score (Round Robin)

  1. Login into admin

  2. Click on stats and logs

  3. Click on the incorrect game

  4. Click Update Scores

Fixing Scoremagic scores

Fixing scoremagic round scores will update the Bag Stats on the players profile. It will NOT update the SPR change on a players game history. Each player affected would have to request a correction here: Requesting a correction

When you need to fix a games scoremagic results for cornhole go into the tournament admin and follow these screenshots:

Next you will need to recalculate the Scoremagic stats by clicking the scoremagic category

Fixing a Best of Set Schedule Score

  • To fix a scoring error in a Best Of Set Schedule you will go to the SCHEDULE tab

  • Find the game that you need to correct - Select the pencil icon to the right of it


  • You will need to put the team on a court and rescore the match entirely

30 Second Tutorials

Fixing a Round Robin Score

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