We have options that start at no cost all the way up to a PRO level subscription.
If you organize small to mid-sized tournaments, the free version of Scoreholio will meet your needs. We offer comprehensive documentation and helpful tutorials on our website, and provide community support via a Facebook group called Scoreholio Organizers & Players.
If you run events more seriously like a weekly league, multi-stage tournaments (merging or splitting round robin pools into multiple playoffs), or large brackets (50-60 teams), you can upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans to access our real-time support and advanced functionality.
If you need more than 8 courts or 32 players/teams in a bracket you need to upgrade to our PRO level which gets you up to 16 courts and 64 players/teams

Player vs Organizer accounts

Scoreholio has two completely separate accounts. One is for a player and one is for an organizer. Both accounts CAN have different emails each.
Upgrading a player account has no effect on an organizer account.
Upgrading to any organizer plan you get the player upgrade (SPR+) for free.

Subscription Levels

All upgrades must be made through the app and are charged through the app store. We offer a discount with your annual subscription.

How to Upgrade to a Paid Organizer Subscription

EVERY organizer plan comes with player SPR+ for free. Make sure you cancel your player upgrade in your app store subscriptions if you upgrade to a paid organizer plan.
All upgrades are handled by the app store and must be upgraded through your mobile phone or tablet.

Optional Player Upgrade (SPR+)

Want to see comprehensive stats and game history? Upgrade to SPR+ and get all the stats you need. Check out more here: SPR+​

Upgrading Annual Subscription from one level to another

ANDROID: Takes the balance you have left on your existing plan and applies it to the new plan. once that balance goes to zero, it renews at the full yearly price. You will notice that your plan renewal date will become closer than it originally was. That renewal date is when you will be charged at your new pricing level.
iOS: Apple will refund you the remaining balance from the plan you were on. Then it will charge you for your new plan. You will see two transactions back to back on your account. One refund and one charge at your new subscription level. Your renewal date will be 1 year from the date you upgrade.

Billing Error

If your subscription has been interupted due to a billing error see below how to fix the issue:

Canceling a Subscription

All subscriptions for Scoreholio are completed through the app store on your device. Click below to see how to delete a subscription on your device:
​iOS Cancellation​