Editing your profile
Edit your name, display name, and your home club.

Quick Step Guide

    Click on the Green Player Profile Button
    Click on the top right settings button
    Click Edit Player Profile

Home Club/Organization

Nothing is more fun than seeing how you stack up against the rest of the players in your club. Here are some facts to know about how club designation works:
    In order to be added to a club you have to be added to the tournament with an email via Scan in, Pre-Registration or manually and play 1 game.
    Scoreholio will automatically assign you to the club that you play your first game.
    Any new club you play in will be an option in the drop down.
    You must play in a club at least 1 time for it to be an option.
    After 90 days of not playing you will be dropped from club and global rankings (this is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic).
    If you play again after 90 days, your account will be reactivated and your rankings will update the following day (this is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic).
    The system updates all club changes at 2:00 am PST every night. So sit tight and check in the morning if moving from club to club.
Last modified 7mo ago