Set Schedule

Plan out a weeks long league for your group. Scoreholio will track stats throughout the weeks.

Set Schedule is available on the free organizer subscription level but limited to 8 teams and 4 weeks. Any paid organizer subscription allows for up to 26 weeks and unlimited players.

Set Schedule Video Tutorial

Turning on Set Schedule

A Set Schedule is a game format when creating a tournament. Use the drop-down and select Set Schedule.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you set the date and time to be the first game of the first week of your league. The entire schedule will be made according to that date and time.

Set Schedule only works for Set Teams, Singles and Set Schedule Switcholio

Games per Match

Best of

  1. Best of - Win best of 3, 5 or 7. Example: One team wins 2 matches, they have won the game.

  2. Must Play - Must play the players will play the full 3, 5 or 7 matches. Teams will play every game in the match, then after that match will play their next match against a new team.

Rank By

  1. Match Win % - A match is considered a set of games against another opponent (Best of or Must Play). Example: If you choose best 2/3 as your games per match. When one team wins 2 games they will be 1 and 0 in matches. Tiebreakers will be Match win % - total match losses (descending order) and then total points.

  2. Game Win % - A game is considered 1 game against another opponent. In a match play (Best of or Must Play) every game played would count towards the game win %. Tiebreakers will be Game Win % - total game losses (descending order) then total points.

Adding Players or Teams to Set Schedule

  • Go to the admin of your tournament

  • If you would like to scan players in or use pre-registration that works too.

  • You can also add teams/players manually

  • If it is teams add your team names to the team's section

  • To add players to the teams put in the player's first name and last initial and then add the player's email address. If/When a player downloads the app and verifies their email on the player profile tab they will get alerts throughout the league schedule.

  • Click on the player name and "Move Player" to their team.

  • Note: You can add a player to a team at any point during your league to start getting them alerts. Either scan them onto the team or add their name and email manually.

Setting the Schedule

Once you have added all of your teams into your admin it is time to Setup the Schedule. Click the blue-button "Setup Schedule".

Only CHECKED-IN teams will be put in the schedule. Make sure all teams you have in Pre-reg, that you want in your schedule, get checked in before creating it.

You MUST have an even amount of teams. If you have odd teams for your league you will have to add a team named "Bye" and manually give teams a win over the Bye team.

Once a Schedule is created there is NO WAY to add or remove teams

Mass Editing the Schedule

Time Based Schedule

A time based Schedule is your typical Set Schedule where a player will know who they are playing at what time and on what court throughout the entire league.

  • Choose how many weeks you would like your league to run.

  • Choose the number of matches

  • Choose how long your matches take to finish. You may want to add a buffer amount of time to your schedule so there is enough time for games that go over the length of time and allow teams to get on and off the courts.

  • Multiple Days in the Same Week: We do allow you to have the option to select your league playing on multiple days in the same week. Note that if you do select this option your teams will only play ONCE per week. You cannot have teams playing multiple times if choosing multiple days.

Optimized Schedule

Best used when you have MORE teams than the courts can accomodate.

An optimized schedule is a unique twist on a typical set schedule. Instead of setting specific times and courts for players to play on the Scoreholio system will optimize courts making sure they are filled throughout the night. Teams will know WHO they are playing for the night, but not necessarily in what order they will play the teams. It is the most efficient way to run a set schedule league.

  • Set the Number of Weeks you want your league to run

  • Set the Number of times you want a team to play each week

  • PRO TIP: To prevent teams from playing on the same court throughout the night go to "Manage Courts" in admin and block back-to-back courts.

Note in both examples at the bottom of the schedule the system will tell you how many times each team will play each other. In our examples, 6 teams will play each other 4 times.

Editing a Schedule

Once you have created your schedule the system will flip over to the Schedule tab and you can see the entire schedule for your league. If you would like to edit your schedule click on the edit box next to any game:

Here you can edit any aspect of the game. Please note that if you are moving a game from 1 week to another week you do have to change what week that game will fall into. Do NOT just change the date. The week matters

Playing the Schedule

To start a week on the set schedule click on the Round Robin tab in Admin. Find the drop down box labeled "Set Active Schedule" Select the week you are playing and click "update". This will bring in the active week you are playing.

Note that the game status will remain as "Setup" until you set an active schedule. When an active schedule is set the game status will automatically change to Game Play allowing the players to see the full schedule on their phone apps.

To put the first games on the court click "Advance Games" and your league has started.

Starting the next week

When you have completed week 1 of your schedule and you are ready to start week 2 simply Set week 2 as the active schedule. Note that the system will update your tournament listing within the app based on the date and time of the week you are in. There is no need to go back and edit that information as you move along your league.

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