Season Options

Setup your points options for your Scoreholio Season.

Glossary of Terms

  • Divisions: Divisions are your most important aspect of setting up a points option. You will be able to sort player rankings based on divisions. We suggest your divisions are: Advanced, Competitive, Social. Others have used divisions to sort by: Womens, Seniors, Singles Doubles etc.

Note: With Scoreholio Seasons Doubles will NOT be listed as a team. Players will get their individual doubles points. Meaning players can have multiple partners over the course of a season and they will get their individual Doubles points.

  • Category: A category is the first level below a division to help differentiate your divisions. We suggest using categories: Local, Regional, Conference. Others have used categories for levels such as Switcholios, Charity, League

  • Type: Type is the 3rd level for the points options you will make. We suggest using things like Main Bracket, Tier 1 or Teir 2. Others have used it for the type of tournament: Bracket, Round Robin

  • Pool: A pool is used to limit the number of tournaments a player can earn points for during the season. Only the top X tournaments for a given pool will count towards a player's overall ranking.

  • Points Option: This is where the magic happens. Using all the terms above you will create a points option and assign the number of points a player can earn for their standings in a tournament.

Examples of a Points Option

Notice that Scoreholio does not limit how you set up your points options. You can be as creative as you would like when setting up your Season.

The main thing you need to pay attention to is DIVISIONS as that is how players can be sorted for rankings. More on that on the Memberships section

Creating a Points Option

After you have created your Divisions, Category, Type and Pools you are ready to create your points option

  1. Click on the blue "Add New Point Option" button

  2. Use the drop-downs to select the Division, Category, Type and Pool you would like for this points option

  3. Fill in the points for each place in a tournament stanging.

  4. After making all of your points options your Season is set-up and ready to go. Now its time to add organizers to your season that are allowed to submit tournaments to your Season

Points for both Brackets and Round Robin will fall into these standings.

Samples of Organizations Points Charts

Texas Cornhole League

California Cornhole Association

Setting up Memberships

Step 1: Click on Add Membership Level and add your description below that membership level

Step 2: Click on add a payment option

Membership Level: Choose the membership level the player would receive Optional Name: Is this an early bird price? Mid-Season price? Put your notes here (Not shown to players) Descriptor: This is shown on the receipt for the players. Example: TCL Silver Level Membership Price: How much will this cost the player? Bonus Points: Does this level come with bonus points Status: Is it active or not active for player to purchase? Access: See Below

Allowing Membership Upgrades

Access is where you will choose who has access to this payment option. If you want players to be able to upgrade from a Free Membership to a paid membership then you would Alllow access from the Free level. You can make as many point options as you would like, NOTE your payment processing fees happen on every upgrade too.

Setting up Tiers

You can use Tiers to rank players how you feel they should be ranked in your own season. There are 9 priority levels that will be used for pre-registration restrictions. (You do not need to use all 9 spots)

Where can you see tiers?

You can see a player's tier level by going to the player roster in a tournament admin. You can also see it when doing "manually add existing players" in admin.

You can set the tier for a player in the management of your season on the memberships tab.

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