Split Tournament

Easily split one big tournament into multiple tournaments

Do you ever want to have everyone sign up for one big tournament and then split it up based on skill level into multiple other tournaments? Or do you want to run pool play where the best players are spread across different pools and stay on their assigned courts?

Now you can get as creative as you want and split in many ways using Split Tournaments, available on all Team Generations.

Split tournaments in Admin

What can you split by?

If you add a Scoreholio Season when you created your tournament you will get the option to split by Season criteria as well.

Snake/Serpentine - Sequential - Random

View or export who is going where

Create your tournaments

The system will now create the amount of tournaments you chose into brand new tournaments. Dont worry all the players info is brought to those tournaments and their alerts will still work. They can also find the new tournaments in their MINE section on find a tournament.

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