Submitting a Tournament to a Season

Now that you have created all the points options for your season and added your organizers you are ready to start submitting tournament results.

Note: When you submit a tournament to a season your tournament will be LOCKED from editing or submitting the results to the same season again. You will have to have your season admin delete the results in order for you to re-submit the tournament.

Submitting Results

  1. Go to the tournament admin for a tournament

  2. Click on the Scoreholio Seasons tab

  3. Select your season, points option, and your tournament format

  4. Click the Submit Results blue button

  5. That's it!!! Easy Peasy right?

Manually adding a player

You can manually add a player to a tournament by clicking the green "add row" button on the bottom left of the screen.

Use the dropdown to select what place the player was in and then enter first name last name and email for that player:

The new player will be added as a manual entry:

Manually Entering an Entire Tournament

You can always go in and manually enter an entire tournament by using the Manual Entry drop-down under format if you need to enter results from a non-Scoreholio (yuck) tournament.

Editing a Previously Submitted Tournament

You will have to ask the Scoreholio Seasons administrator to delete the tournament from the Seasons admin which will free your tournament up to submit again.

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