Season Setup

Payment Options, Membership Setup, and Tournament Organizer Credits

Setting up Payments

The first step to being able to collect membership fees for your organization is to connect with either Paypal or Stripe. Note: If you already use Paypal for Pre-registration/Pre-Pay you will be ready to go with activating Paypal.

Click the "Connect" buttons to connect your Stripe or Paypal Accounts. Don't have one? Their system will walk you through setting up an account.

Membership Options

Enable Free Memberships: allows you to create zero dollar memberships levels and bypass payment options on the public page.

Enable Paypal Payments: Toggle on and off allowing members to pay by PayPal

Enable Stripe Payments: Toggle on and off allowing members to pay by Stripe

Player Ranking for Members Only: only calculate rankings for active members, and non-members will not be shown on public ranking list.

Enforcing Membership Start Date: will ignore all tournaments before the membership start date and will not be included in rankings.

Membership Fees

Each membership payment will include a PayPal processing fee or a Stripe processing fee. You can view the links below to see their fees.

Scoreholio handling fee is 5% with a minimum fee of $2.

Sample Fee Schedule

Membership CostSH FeeStripe or Paypal Fees (See links below)Total FeeOrganizer Gets











  • Fees are approximate depending on which payment servicer you are using, and if you have non-profit pricing.

Stripe Fees:

Paypal Fees:

โ€œFriends and Family modeโ€ is not an option for commercial purposes like a membership. Also, you may want to contact your local and state taxation boards regarding applicable taxes.Scoreholio operates as a โ€œpassthroughโ€ service. The membership fees are passed from the purchases to your organization. As such you will be responsible for all fees and taxes.

Signing up for a Membership

Players can sign up for a membership to your season from your season dashboard in the app or on the web.

From the web:

Go to then search for you season on "View Seasons"

Click Details:

Click on the Membership tab:

From the App:

Click on seasons find your seasons, click on membership

Sharing your membership tab

Setting up Memberships

click here to go to Season Options: Setting up Memberships

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