Additional Brackets

Additional Bracket is available on Advanced Level Subscriptions and above

Additional Brackets are used to spin off multiple brackets after a Round Robin. Running a Switcholio and want to take the bottom half to one bracket and the top half to another? Now its easy peasy with the additional brackets button.

Tutorial Video

Creating the initial bracket

After you are done with your round robin you will click the bracket tab then the green create bracket button:

Create your first bracket right in the admin of the main round robin tournament:

Creating an Additional Bracket

The green Create Bracket will change to the wording "Additional Bracket" Click that to create your new bracket:

Fields on Addtinal Brackets

  1. Name your additional bracket

  2. Select the format for your additional bracket

  3. MAKE SURE you select how many courts and what court number to start on for your additional bracket

  4. Highlight the players/teams you want to go into the additional bracket

The system will make a brand new tournament for your new additional bracket

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