Fixing - Changing Team Generation

Made a tournament as a blind draw then decided to change it to a switch and now it looks all your players are gone? Don't worry we got you covered.

The Why -

When changing team generation to or from a blind draw in Scoreholio the players will disappear. Do not worry they are not completely gone. A blind draw players sign up as a player to be put on a team, every other team generation players sign up as a team (singles and switch are a team of 1).

The Fix -

To get your players from the blind draw to your new team generation or vice versa you need to import the players from the same tournament to the same tournament. Go into the admin of your tournament, click the β€œmore options” button on the player tab in admin. Click the import button. You may need to change the second drop down to β€œpre-registered players from a blind draw” or something else depending on where you are going to or from.

Highlight the players that you want to import and import them to checked in or pre-registration of the new team generation.

You may notice that this will show double the amount of players in your tournament. You can go back and edit your tournament back to a blind draw or vice versa, and delete the players from the other team generation, then toggle back. Everyone will still be in the new team generation and your registration numbers will be correct

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