Set Schedule Switcholio

Create a full schedule allowing partners to change every round. Play WITH a player only once and AGAINST a player only twice in a full round robin.

Why we made it?

Our original switcholio swept across the world changing how organizers could run their tournaments. The ease and efficiency of running a tournament where partners are changed every round and courts are never empty works fantastic. Round Robin Switcholio allows an organizer to remove and add players late allowing maximum flexibility throughout a tournament.

We have now built a more rigid version of switcholio. Set Schedule Switcholio allows an organizer to have any multiple of 4 players up to 32 and create an entire schedule to be played. The system will make it so each player only plays WITH another player 1 time and AGAINST another player 2 times during a full round-robin.

What's even better? You can go through a full round-robin multiple times. Creating multiple weeks if the organizer wants. The system will run through the full round-robin schedule, shuffle the players and make another schedule. It is Easy Peasy.

# of players necessary for a Set Schedule Switcholio

You will need a multiple of 4 players up to 32 players are allowed. To start a set schedule switcholio the following number of players are allowed: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 32.

# of courts to use in a set schedule switcholio

  • Use as many courts as you need to get everyone on in round one. When you use the full amount of courts needed (i.e. 16 players 4 courts) The system will go round by round putting all games onto the court for round 1. Wait for all the courts to be empty then put all the games for round 2 on the courts. Just use simple math: # of players / 4 = # of courts to go round by round

# of players # Courts for round by round

















  • If you decided to use anything less than the full amount of courts the system will autofill throughout the tournament with the next possible game available where all 4 players can play. If using less than the full round amount of courts on a time based schedule. You may find that the system places a player on two courts at the same time. This happens if a game is late or end early. Just have the player finish the game they are in and head to the other court. If using optimized this will not happen.

How to setup a Set Schedule Switcholio

Head over to our Set Schedule game format docs section. You will setup your set schedule switcholio the same way you would set up a regular set schedule.

Set Schedule Video Tutorial

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