Import Button

Import is available on Advanced Level Subscriptions and Above

Scoreholio makes it easy to import players from any event into any other event. You can use this functionality to pull players from many small pools into one playoff bracket, like the World Cup, or split one big round robin into multiple playoff brackets, like a championship bracket and a consolation bracket.

Important notes on import:

  • Import button is only available on Advanced ($9.99/month subscription levels) and up.

  • You can import as many or as few players from a past tournament as you would like.

  • You can import from multiple past tournaments into your new tournament.

  • Importing a player from one tournament to another will bring their notifications and SPR tracking with them, no need to re-scan.

  • BLIND DRAW ONLY: (No Cry Baby Blind Draw) If importing from one blind draw to another you can import only the pairings. This will have the system do its best to NOT pair the same players up again as the past tournament.

  • SWITCH to BLIND DRAW ONLY: If importing from a Switcholio to a blind draw you can select which category the players go into. Examples A-B-C categories.

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