Promotional Alerts

Promotional Alerts are a great way to reach players across the Scoreholio platform.

What are they?

Promotional Alerts will send push alerts to players that have opted in to receive tournament announcements.

Single Tournament Alert: Players will receive an alert for a single tournament. Choose what tournament to send and we will auto-fill all the information from your tournament.

All-Tournament Alerts: Scoreholio will send a promo alert to players with a link to all your upcoming public tournaments. Tournaments marked as private will not be on the list of all tournaments. Select the drop-down alert you would like and the location to send the alert from and Scoreholio will auto-fill the rest.

How do they work?

Players will opt-in to receive tournament announcements from within their player profile. Players select the sports they would like to be alerted from as well as the range around their address.

When you send out a promotional alert, the Scoreholio system will check for players within their selected distance-mile radius of your tournament. Then only send alerts to players that are within their selected range of your tournament.

You can only send one promotional alert per hour.

Where to send them from

How much does it cost?

There is no better way to promote your tournament. In order to send out an alert you will need to purchase a Promotional Credit. All purchases are final and are handled in the app store on your phone.

PRO subscribers will receive 2 Promotional Credits per month along with their subscriptions. If purchasing PRO for the year, you will receive 24 credits at the time of purchase.

You will need a paid organizer subscription to purchase promotional credits:










How to purchase credits

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