Single Elimination


Single elimination brackets are draw formats where the winner of each match advances to the next round, and the loser is eliminated from winning the championship or first place in the division.

Quick Step Guide to Single Elimination Tournament

  1. Check in your players

  2. Click start Create Bracket

  3. Randomize or Change Seeding

  4. Click Create Bracket

  5. Optional: Setup Kiosk Mode or Scoreboards

You CANNOT add a team/player to a bracket once it has begun. You will have to click the Red Delete Bracket button, add the new players, then re-create the bracket.

NOTE: Seeding will change when adding the new team, so any games that have already played will not have the same matchups in the new bracket.

Seeding a Bracket

There are a few ways to seed a bracket on Scoreholio. if you are seeding a bracket based on Scoreholio Seasons standings click here: Seeding a Tournament based on Season Points

If you have an advanced membership or higher you can pause your courts BEFORE creating your bracket. This will allow you to seed and make your bracket. However, it will not assign those teams to courts. When you are ready to start, click on bracket control and unpause your courts and click advance game to fill your courts.

If this is a normal tournament and you want to seed your bracket you can do it 1 of two ways:

Seed by Dragging

You can quickly seed your bracket by clicking on the bracket tab in admin and then click the green "Create Bracket" button. Next, you will click the "Change Seeding" button. This allows you to click and drag teams up and down the list to change their seed. When you are finished, click the change seeding button again.

Seed by Team SPR

Your other option for seeding a tournament is to add a Team SPR to each team. Remember the higher the number the lower the seed. EX. If you have 100 players you would give the #1 seed 100 points. Then the #2 seed 99 points and so on. When you go to create the bracket players/teams will be sorted by the highest number first.

You can do this by clicking on the setup tab in admin then players. Click on each team and manually add the Team SPR. Make sure you are clicking on the TEAM, NOT the players that are on the team in admin.

Benefits to a Single Elimination Tournament

Single Elimination tournaments are great for small and large tournaments alike, here is what sets us apart from other tournament software:

  • Time: Since teams are done when they lose their first match the tournament moves quickly and can finish in a timely manner

  • Efficiency: By using a coming up section Scoreholio we make sure all available courts are filled throughout the tournament. Our system will auto fill the courts and send out alerts to players and teams.

Features/Buttons in Single Elimination Admin

  • Create Bracket: After you have checked-in all of your teams click the light blue create bracket button.

  • Bracket Court Assignments Tab: Control your bracket in the Bracket Court Assignment tab

  • Advance Games: The advance games button is to be used to fill open courts if the system does not do it automatically. Courts are filled when you submit a game, if for any reason the courts do not fill you can click the advance game button to move it along.

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