Split Switch

Our popular Switcholio format Split into two groups. What could be more fun

Split Switch is a twist on our most popular format Switcholio. A quick description of switcholio is that everyone plays against a different partner every round and will only play against someone twice.

With Split Switch you can now split your field into two groups. Group 1 players will NEVER play with each other and will only be paired with players from Group 2.

Fun ways to use Split Switch

  • Mixed Doubles - Put all the women in Group 1 and all the men in Group 2. Now each team will always have a man and a woman on it.

  • Pro-Am - Put all your top players in Group 1 and all your amateur players in Group 2. Each team will be a Pro-Am and play against a similar pairing.

  • Find another cool way to split? Let us know so we can share with everyone else.

Now here is how to get started:

Creating a Split Switch

Adding Players to a Split Switch

Add your players your favorite way, through pre-registration or scanning in, however, your prefered model is.

Admin Rules for Split Switch

  • You MUST have the same amount of players in each group. If not, add a ghost to fill a spot.

  • If you have an ODD amount of players in the groups (i.e. 7 players in each group) then you MUST run an even amount of rounds. If you have even players in each group an odd amount of rounds is fine.

  • You can only do as many rounds as there are players in the groups. I.e. you have 4 players in each group you can only do 4 rounds. After that, you would have to clear the game log to allow more matchups/pairings to occur. Note: Clearing the game log does not delete the record, just allows the matchups/pairings to happen again.

  • You can use as many courts as you would like. HOWEVER, know that if there is no one in the coming up section that the 2nd matchup people will have will be a re-shuffling of the players currently on the court. In Match 3 the players will wait in the coming up section for another set of players to become available and shuffle with them.

Auto Splitting into Groups

Splitting by PPR or DPR are for Cornhole only. Also require a PRO membership.

  • GENDER SPLIT: If splitting by gender make sure your players have updated that information in their player profile. Here is how

Manually Moving a Team

Click on a team and use the "Move to group" section


Click the bracket tab in admin. You will see that each group will be seperated with group 1 on top and group 2 on the bottom. Use the pairing method drop down to pair the groups for the playoff bracket.

Pairing Methods

  • Top with first of lower half: This method would pair the Best of Group 1 with the best of Group 2. Then 2nd seed of both groups, 3rd seed of both groups and so on.

  • Top with bottom: This will pair the best player of Group 1 with the lowest player in Group 2. Then the 2nd best player in Group 1 with the 2nd worst player in Group 2, and so on.

  • Singles - Sinlges will be in seed order starting with Group 1 and then going through to Group 2 based on record.

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