Player Scoring
Players can use their own phones to submit scores in a tournament.
Player Scoring is only available on paid subscriptions.
Players MUST scan in or pre-register in order to use Player Scoring

Turning on Player Scoring

Player Scoring is defaulted to "Yes" and on. If you would not like players to have the ability to score on their phones set Player Scoring to "NO".

Using Player Scoring

Players who Scan in or Pre-register will get alerts during the course of the tournament. Those alerts are on the bell icon on the main page of the app. When a player clicks on the alert there will be a prompt asking if they would like to score the match.
Only players on the court will have access to score the game. Once the game has been submitted they no longer have access to that court.

Toggling on and off Player Scoring

You can toggle on and off Player Scoring in the manage courts section of your tournament admin.
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