• Pickleball player profile

  • DUPR singles/doubles rank chart added to bottom profile

  • DUPR ratings added in place of SPR on rankings grids, main profile, QR checkin code


  • Trophy Room added to Player profile

  • Player profile has "Disable" or "enable" for SPR limit disclaimer, in Player profile settings

Run a Tournament

  • Pre-payment Icon added for Run a Tournament

Create a Tournament

  • Added PPR/DPR to rank by list for Horseshoes



  • Waitlist

  • Restrictions

  • Contact Organizer Info

  • SPR Toggle capped at changing every 6 hours

Run a Tournament

  • Test/Private Tag added

  • Public contact info for organizer settings


  • Axe Throwing

  • Country/states added - Including State Rankings


  • Pre-registration - New pre-reg with payment options

  • Dark Mode

  • Horseshoes Scoremagic


  • Streaming Widget Overlays

  • Fix past tab sorting on Find a Tournament

  • Compare stats for other sports


  • Revamped Find a Tournament page

  • All new Filtering/Sorting for Find a Tournament

  • Custom Filters for Specific Tournaments

  • New and improved "Mine" Section with current and past

  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue with practice tab not filtering on tags correctly and not allowing user to update tags



  • Add tag tracking for cornhole. Learn More

  • Bug Fix: Add bag tracking back to practice modes


  • Scouting reports and Compare Stats added: Learn More

  • Ability to Rank By PPR and DPR (Cornhole only) for all Team Generations including Set Teams and Blind Draw


  • Bag Breakdown added to player profile. Click on any game in play history and track your bags for the sport of cornhole: Learn More

  • SPR Corrections are now sent to a vote by everyone that was playing in the tournament. Peers can choose to approve or deny the request

  • Ability to cancel an SPR correction request


  • Make Scoremagic choose the odd round player and even round player for set teams. Will autoselect the correct player.

  • Move all paused games in a set schedule to the bottom of the coming up list.

  • Add Wins/Loss/Ties/Win Percentage to Seasons table for player rankings

  • Allow for sorting by date on Player/Bag Stats on app for tournament

  • Bug Fix: Fix the green dot when using scoremagic on a bracket


  • Add the ability for the organizer to send out alerts to pre-registration players only.

  • Check-in players manually on the admin screen by typing in any part of a player's information.

  • Bug Fix: fix the abilitly to go to the dashboard from player profile game history.

  • Bug Fix: Allow postpone on set schedule to work when postponing over 500 games


  • Year-end player recap

  • Add test mode badge if a tournament is set to test mode




  • Add error handling for when an organizer tries to change to a club name already in use

  • Split Switch team generation added.


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