With Scorheolio Seasons you can add UNLIMITED organizers to submit tournament results to your Season.

Adding Organizers to your Scoreholio Season is Easy Peasy. Simply click on the Organizers tab in Seasons and click the blue "Add Organizer" button.

How many organizers can submit tournament results to my season?

  • Unlimited!! You can invite as many organizers as you want to your season.

Do I need to add myself as an organizer?

  • You DO NOT need to add yourself as an organizer, we took care of that for you ;-)

Will organizers need a PRO level account?

  • No, only the person creating the Scoreholio Season needs to have a PRO level account. But we will not hold you back from asking them to upgrade, who doesn't want to support Scoreholio right?

Can an organizer be a part of multiple Seasons?

  • Yes organizers can be a part of unlimited Seasons and submit the same tournament results to multiple different seasons

Why can't an organizer see my season in their drop-down?

  • Make sure you put in their Scoreholio Organizer email. NOT their Scoreholio Player email. Organizer emails are different than player emails.

Now that you have added all of your organizers to your Scoreholio Season and Set Up all of your points options you are ready to start submitting tournaments to your season.

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