Only have limited space for your tournament? Want players to join just in case someone falls out? We got you covered over here at Scoreholio with a pre-registration waitlist.

The Waitlist feature requires a PRO subscription

Waitlist Rules

  • Waitlist only opens when the total number of spots has been reached

  • Players will be added to the waitlist in admin based on when they join the waitlist

  • Anyone that tries to pre-register for a tournament while there are players on the waitlist will go to the end of the waitlist

  • When a spot opens up the organizer can choose to invite as many players as they want to give an opportunity to join

  • The first player to take the spot wins. As soon as there are no spots left again, all players will go back to the waitlisted status in admin

  • Players will receive an email and a push notificaiton when they have been invited to pre-register

  • PRE-PAY tournaments: Players will be asked to pay when they are invited to the tournament NOT to get onto the waitlist

  • Players will have the option to pre-register OR remove themselves from the waitlist when invited


When someone goes to sign up for a tournament, and waitlist is on:

  • IF a spot is open, and no one on waitlist THEN add to pre-reg

  • IF no spots open and no one on waitlist THEN add to waitlist

  • IF spot is open and someone on the waitlist THEN add to waitlist

  • IF the organizer opens up more spots than amount of people on the waitlist THEN reserve the amount of spots for people on the waitlist. General public can sign up for spots open above the waitlist amount.

  • IF player status set to invited and the player tries to pre-register, and a spot is open THEN allow to pre-reg

  • IF status set to invited and NO spot is open and the player tries to register THEN tell the player they were too late and change status back to waitlist. Keep on waitlist priority spot

Inviting to join the waitlist is NOT automatic. The organizer has to send an invite through admin.

How to set it up

  • Go to run a tournament on app or web

  • Login with your email and password

  • Click the "Create New" button to make a new tournament

  • Toggle on "Enable Pre-Registration"

  • Set the "Max # of spots" you are allowing for your tournament

  • Toggle on "Enable Waitlist" (PRO ONLY FEATURE)

Managing the Waitlist in Admin

  • Click Run a tournament, then click on your tournament and then Admin

  • Click the "Manage Waitlist" button

  • When a spot opens up for the tournament click on a player in the waitlist

  • Click invite or remove

How do players join the waitlist?

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