SPR (Scoreholio Player Rating)

The most advanced dynamic player rating across all sports on the Scoreholio app.

New changes to SPR Calculation starting mid-November 2022

  • Provisional Accounts: Accounts with less than 10 games on their profile will not affect the SPR of everyone playing. Provisional accounts will have a SPR change.

  • No Account, No change: If any player on a team does not have a Scoreholio account the entire match will not have an SPR change for any player.

For Cornhole:

  • When using Scoremagic : SPR calculation will be based on the overall match AND your individual performance.

  • Not Playing, No change: When using Scoremagic if you did not throw a round in the match your SPR will not be affected.

  • Scoremagic Toggle switch A player can now toggle if they want SPR to be calculated when using Basic Scoring. Read more here.

What is SPR?

Scoreholio Player Rating is the most advanced real-time rating system for players using the Scoreholio app. Players are rated 1-100 based on game results.

Who can have a SPR rating?

SPR is available for anyone that plays a sport on the Scoreholio app. Every game that is submitted in the app can have a corresponding change to your SPR. ​

How is the SPR rating calculated?

Everyone starts with an SPR of 50. When you win it goes up, and when you lose it goes down. How much? That depends! Beating somebody with a higher SPR will reward you more than beating somebody with a lower one, while losing to an opponent with a higher SPR won’t punish you as much as losing to a lesser opponent. At the same time, a big win or loss with a differential of 15 points will affect your rating more than a narrow 1 or 2 point win or loss. (If you’re familiar with Elo rating system, it’s like that!)

Cornhole Only:

A player can toggle on and off if you would like to only calculate your SPR when using Scoremagic. Allowing disable SPR calculation when individual performance cannot be tracked will have the SPR calculation be your overall team's outcome COMBINED with your individual performance against your direct opponent.

What is a provisional player?

Scoreholio considers you a provisional player when you first start playing. You must establish yourself by playing 10 games to become a ranked player. Games played against a provisional player will result in NO SPR movement for the opponent. However, the Provisional player will move up and down based on the Scoreholio SPR calculation above. ​

Why was the SPR change for my game 0.00?

When you click on the game from your play history there will be notes as to why your score was 0.00.

Reason #1: One of the players in the match was a provisional player (See above for what a provisional player is)

Reason #2: Someone on one of the teams was not a registered player. Meaning they did not provide an email address. Unfortunately we cannot calculate SPR if a player does not have a Scoreholio account.

Reason #3: You have the disable SPR calculation toggle on and used basic scoring.

Which results go into my SPR?

All of your results will go into your SPR. When the game is submitted the Scoreholio system will automatically calculate the results and give you a new rating based on performance.

Cornhole only: Why did my SPR go down when I won?

​This can happen based on your individual performance using Scoremagic. Scoreholio will calculate your SPR based on your team's overall performance as well as your individual performance. If your team won the match, but you lost to your opponent your SPR can go down after a win.

I play tournaments, but I don't see any of my results on my profile?

This could mean that the organizer of the tournament had the tournament set to test mode. Please check with your organizer and make sure they have it set to live. Unfortunately, because SPR is calculated in real-time there is no way to add games onto a profile.

Which matches do not count toward my SPR?

  • Matches where one of the players is a provisional player. (Does not have more than 10 games on their profile)

  • When a player on your team or the opponent's team did not provide an email.

  • Cornhole Only: Scoremagic not being used If you toggle on “Disable SPR Calculation when individual performance cannot be tracked” Any team game that is using basic scoring will be recorded as a 0 SPR change ​

Requesting a Correction

You must request a correction within 8 days of your game being played. We cannot delete games further than 8 days out.

Please note, Scoreholio can only delete this game from your history. Any change in SPR will go back to your overall SPR. Games that have been corrected and deleted cannot be undone.

When you request a correction a push notification will go out to all the players in the tournament the game was played in. Your peers will be able to vote to approve or reject the correction.

​ How long does it take for ratings to update?

Ratings are updated immediately after you submit a game in the Scoreholio app.

What is SPR used for?

SPR is used to generate global and club rankings, both of which are accessible via the rankings tab. Global Ranking is a list of the top 10,000 players listed by the highest SPR and Club Ranking is that of the club that you’ve played the most events with.

  • You can use SPR to sort groups when playing a Split Switch format

  • You can seed by SPR by clicking the "Get SPR" button before going to a bracket.

Disable SPR calculation when individual performance cannot be tracked

Currently for Cornhole only

Where is the toggle?

When toggle is on:

  • When playing as a team if using basic scoring your SPR will not be calculated

  • When playing as a team if using Scoremagic your SPR will be calculated based on your team win/loss and margin of victory AND your individual performance against the opponent you are directly playing against.

  • For a singles tournament, your SPR will be calculated while using basic scoring or Scoremagic

When toggle is off:

  • SPR will be calculated based on the teams win/loss and margin of victory while using basic scoring.

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