There is no better way to track all the players in your organization that the Scoreholio Seasons Memberships tab.

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Adding Members

There are two ways to add members to your organization throught the seasons portal.

  1. Importing a CSV: You can download a sample CSV by clicking the "import CSV" button. By using the spreadsheet you can mass import players OR make mass changes in bulk

  2. Orange "Import Members" tab: After organizers have submitted tournaments to your Scoreholio Season you can import those players by clicking the import members button.

Editing a Player Name

When you edit a player name on the Memberships tab it will edit that players name across the entire Seasons platform. On player rankings in both Seasons Admin and the Seasons tab on the app.

Membership Points

Some organizations like to charge a membership fee and assign points based on a membership level. You can do that in the Scoreholio Seasons system by adding the points to any players profile on the membership tab.

Locking a Divison

Players can see their rankings at any time on the Scoreholio app by clicking on the Scoreholio Seasons tab. If you want a player to only show up for a certain division you can lock them into a division in the Membership section.

Mass Importing a Spreadsheet

  1. Click the "Import CSV" button

  2. Download the Sample CSV file

  3. Note that if you at anytime need to make mass edits you can click the "Export CSV" make all your changes to the file and then re-upload the CSV. All changes will override what is currently in the memberships tab.

Importing from submitted tournaments

After organizers have submitted tournaments to your Scoreholio Season you can click the orange "Import Members" tab and import the new players into your memberships portal.

  1. Click the orange "Import Members" button.

  2. Click on the players you would like to mass import into the memberships portal. Note that you can click the Import Members button multiple times to assign divisions or add memberships points to different blocks of players

  3. Click the blue "Import Members" button

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