Stats and Logs

Find all the stats and edit your game log all in one smart place.

Match Log

Match log allows you to see every game played during your tournament. Need to update or swap a score in a round robin? You can do it in the match log. Need to clear pairings for a league? Clear them in the match log. You can click on the edit button for round robin at anytime.

Other than match log every other tab in Stats and Logs requires a PRO subscription

Team Roster - Player Roster

With Team or Player roster you can get all of your players information in one easy to see space. Need PPR for the entire list of players in your tournament, click columns and add it to the view. The sky is the limit with what you can see on team and player roster.

Standings - Brackets - Scoremagic

One these 3 tabs you can break down each teams/players position in the tournament as well as their overall stats for that particular tournament. Use the Export button to export all of those stats in Excel or PDF form.

You have to use a computer or laptop to export stats and logs.

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