Round Robin

Have teams face off against other random teams. Scoreholio will prevent teams from playing the same team twice all while keeping a running leaderboard. Take the results and create a seeded bracket.

Setting # of Rounds

With Scoreholio's Round Robin format, you set how many rounds you want players to play before going into a finished/not playing section. We have an entire blog section dedicated to how to set rounds here: Blog

To break it down quickly, remember these rules:

  1. 4 is Your Friend: If you run four games, you’ll always be golden.(Especially for Switcholio)

  2. Odd + Odd = Bad: Don’t run an odd # of games and an odd # of teams.

Setting # of Courts

You can check out the same blog from above for more info. To break it down, just know it is best to have at least 3 people or teams NOT playing at a given time. Scoreholio will ALWAYS fill a court that is open if it can. To prevent players from just playing back to back to back on the same court, have players or teams in the comping up section.

Quick Step Guide to Running a Round Robin Tournament

  1. Check in your players

  2. Click start tournament

  3. Optional: Setup Player Scoring, Kiosk Mode or Scoreboards

  4. Click playoff tab and start a bracket

Creating a Tournament

Click to find out more about # of Losses, Score Limit, Timer Length

Starting the Tournament

Click here to find out how to add players or teams. For this example we have created a blind draw Round Robin tournament. You will have to randomize your players onto teams before clicking the start tournament button. Any other team generation you would just click the start tournament button.

Click on Run a Tournament, click on the tournament you are running, click on Admin.

Running the Tournament

Click on the top left and select Round Robin. Here you can see all the people on the courts. If you want to set up scoreboards, Player Scoring, or kiosk mode you can or you can enter scores right here in admin.

Seeded Playoffs

After your round robin you can take teams to a seeded playoffs that are based on the results of the round robin. Click the top left menu and button then click playoffs.

Watch our quick how to run a Backyard Switcholio style Round Robin:

Learn More About Running a Round Robin Tournament at our: Blog

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