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Yes they can, you would need to turn on Player Scoring.

You sure can! Just click Run a Tournament and follow Ben's Switcholio tournament tutorial. Click Here: Running a backyard Switcholio​

These are great questions and we get them so much we wrote an entire blog section on it. Check it out here: BLOG Want to see how long a tournament will take? Check out our Tournament Calculator​

Yes, but oh we have so much more. Check out our Tournament Formats section to learn more or head over to Team Generation for how to create teams.

Yes you can. Some organizers like to share their organizer email with an assistant. We suggest not using a typical password when signing into Run a Tournament if you are going to share the account.

Yes, we do for a bracket. Of course, we did one better and have best 2/3, 3/5 and 5/7. You can also choose to do the first round only in the upper bracket. To take advantage of our "best of" feature, you will need to upgrade to a pro subscription.

In a Round Robin tournament you can add a team at anytime. The system will see they are rounds behind and catch them up to the field. We suggest not adding a new team if you are halfway through your rounds.
In a Bracket there is no way to add a team that is not in the bracket already. You would have to delete the bracket and re-create it. This would change the match-ups as seeding would be different.
If you know that a team is arriving late, we suggest adding them at check in and then putting them in timeout on bracket court assignments until they arrive.

Absolutely not. We run tournaments all the time with just our phone and kiosk mode. The larger your tournaments get you may want to invest in tablets for scoreboards or upgrade to a subscription. For the most part, Scoreholio is free and easy to run right from your phone.

We hate to see you go, but understand sometimes it is necessary. Cancelling a subscription is easy. Cancel a subscription​
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