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Practice makes perfect and Scoreholio makes practice easy peasy.

Only available for the sport of cornhole currently.

Upgrade to SPR+ and track every bag you ever throw during your practice

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Ghostholio is a practice format where you are playing against an invisible opponent. You throw your 4 bags against a "ghost" and score against the ghost like you normally would. Scoreholio has different scoring options for the ghost. Ghost numbered scoring: Pick a static number for the ghost to throw every round (1-11) Ghost Levels: Choose a range of numbers for the ghost to throw per round. The system will randomly have the ghost score within the array. Easy (1-3) Medium (4-6) Hard (7-9) Expert (10-12) Ghost Ben: The owner of Scoreholio, Ben, is the most erratic player on the planet. He can score anywhere between 1-12 at any time. Try your luck beating the owner of Scoreholio

How to play:


Roundholio is a practice format in cornhole where you throw 10 rounds (or more rounds if you choose) of bags back and forth and add up your overall score. The great thing about doing it on Scoreholio is that with SPR+ you can track every bag you throw.

How to play:

Checking Round Stats

Click on any practice match and get a full breakdown on the round by round stats:

Deleting a Game

Delete any practice match by clicking on it then clicking Delete Session

Bag and Tag stats

You can now add any tag you want and filter by that tag to see your full bag tracking results.

Now you can find out your best bag to use and know that you throw that best 2 beers in from the inside lane at dusk on the winter solstice.

Want to see a list of every bag out there and how people are practicing with them? Check it out here:

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