Remote Mode
Remote Mode is a way to control all your scoreboards and dashboards all from one tab in admin. Change what is displayed to any connected device.
Remote Mode is on an Advanced subscription and higher

Setting up Remote Mode

    Make sure all your devices are on the latest Scoreholio software
    Launch the Scoreholio App
    Click on "remote control" if using an Amazon Fire Tablet
    Click on "find a tournament" then click the menu on the top right and click "remote mode" if on iOS or Android
    Login to your account using the same email you used to "run a tournament"

Admin Panel

Now that you are logged into your tablets and firestick click on the "Remote Control" button.

Device Tab Notes

    You can change the name of your tablets and firesticks by clicking on the code Scoreholio gives the device
    The first drop down will be what tournament you would like to display on the device and the second drop down is what to display from that tournament
    The Red and Green squares next to the name of the device will let you know if the device is offline or online.
Hint: Label the back of your devices to match the names you give them in admin. Forget what you named a tablet? You can change the display in admin to "Setup/Identify" and the device name will appear on the device.

Video Tutorial

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