Kiosk Mode

To run tournaments without interactive scoreboards on every court (whether because you donโ€™t have any or enough tablets or if you donโ€™t have good WiFi) you can enter scores for all games with one device by accessing what we call โ€œkiosk mode.โ€ You can even set up a tablet in a central location and let players enter their own scores โ€” if you trust them to do so.

Accessing Kiosk Mode

You can access Kiosk Mode three ways:

  1. Click โ€œTournamentsโ€ from the main screen, find your tournament, click the same icon you use to open a scoreboard and select Kiosk Mode which will be at the bottom of the dropdown.

2. From within the admin interface, click on the 3 lines in the upper left-hand corner then click "Kiosk" 3. Launch your tablet into remote mode and turn the tablet into kiosk from remote mode.

Multi-Tournament Kiosk Mode

With Multi-Tournament Kiosk Mode you can have any courts from any tournaments from any sports all on one main kiosk mode. Have two divisions going at the same time? You can now score both of those divisions from one central kiosk mode. Here is how:

  1. Turn your phone or tablet into remote mode.

  2. Go to remote mode on your tournament admin.

  3. Find the device you would like to use and click the drop-down to choose "Multi-Tournament Kiosk"

Using Multi-Tournament Kiosk

  1. Click on any of the plus symbols to open up the pop-up menu

  2. Choose what tournament and what court you would like in that spot.

  3. Click on the court to start game and score.

  4. To delete a court from mutli-tournament click on the x in the upper right-hand corner.

Video Tutorial

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