Tournament Calculator
Here you can find approximately how much time you need to run your tournaments as well as a calculator to help determine payouts.
How much money should I have collected? I'm paying out 70%, how much is that?What is 62.5% of 70% Use our easy peasy payout calculator to determine how much money you collected and how much to payout.
How much time do I need for my tournament? We have a chart for that, too.

Bracket Calculators are very rough estimates, as the amount of courts being used in the tournament become obsolete in the later rounds of the bracket.
πŸ§™ Tips: You can set Timers in tournament creation to guarantee game time length.

Avg Game Length
10-15 min
20-40 min
15 min
8-15 min
15-20 min
15 min
Beer Pong
5-10 min
Table Shuffleboard
30-45 min
Table Tennis
10-15 min
15-25 min
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