Mass Import Spreadsheet

If you are doing your registration offline you can create a CSV file to upload into Scoreholio.
PRO TIP - Have everyone you are uploading download the Scoreholio app and go to player profile, creat an account with the same email address you are uploading. This will allow them to get alerts.

Starting the Import

Before you import the players or teams make sure you are aware that players with email addresses will receive notifications they have been entered into the tournament. If you do not want players to receive notifications edit your tournament and make sure it is set to test.

Download the Sample CSV

It is important that you use the format for the type of tournament you are running. Depending on the game format or the team generation the WAY you submit the information matters. Please make sure you are using the correct format for each type of tournament.

Import your CSV file

PRE-REGISTRATION - If on your spreadsheet you have players marked to go into pre-registration you will need to have pre-registration turned on. It is okay if you have already uploaded your spreadsheet, you can still turn on pre-registration at anytime.